Client Reviews

Highly recommended

Luanne is an excellent, knowledgeable, and easily approachable lawyer. My experience with her was in healthcare, and she has extensive knowledge and expertise to help guide you along the way. Her prices are reasonable, as compared to other lawyers. She responds very quickly, and her paralegal, Kendra, is also very helpful and friendly. I highly recommend Luanne as your lawyer, especially in regards to healthcare!

- (5 star review)

Amazing advocate for DPC doctors!

Luanne is amazing! I first heard about her from a few other Direct Primary Care doctors she had helped. They all spoke very highly of her. She spoke to me free of charge the first time I talked to her, and she was very knowledgeable and passionate about helping doctors transition to Direct Primary Care. A huge asset to me and my practice!

- (5 star review)

Passionate and professional

I hired Ms. Leeds to help me convert my medical practice to a Direct Primary Care business model. From the initial consults you can tell how much she cares about her clients and helping them succeed.

Her work quality is excellent. I had several attorney patients tell me the membership agreement was well-written without solicitation. She is flexible enough to make changes to things specific to my pracrice’s needs. She also charged a fixed fee for Direct Primary Care set-up which is great as attorney bills can escalate fast. Her paralegal Kendra is clearly her “right hand” and she is great at customer service and serves as an extremely competent interface between the client and Ms. Leeds. She was particularly helpful when she called Medicare on my behalf to resolve an unexpected opt-out situation. I highly recommend this great legal team

- (5 star review)

Caring, knowledgable, and professional.

I hired Luanne (and her paralegal Kendra) to develop my direct primary care practice and couldn’t be happier.

Having worked through a couple different lawyers previous to Leeds Law (who charged out the NOSE for simple work — like a $45 fax), I have found Leeds Law to be just in their pricing, responsive to my needs, and they have even gone above-and-beyond in helping me with little asks here and there.

Only thing to be aware of — they are a 2-person show (like many DPC offices!), so you have to be patient with turnaround times. Seeing as I’m mainly working with them on contracts, hiring, and other formalities, this has not been a problem at all.

- (5 star review)

DIrect Primary Care Expert

As Dr Glass and I decided to proceed with our business plan to open our independant direct primary care practice, we knew we needed strong legal guidance. As a physician executive, I know the importance of having sound advisors, especially in areas where one may feel vulnerable. Ms. Leeds and her paralegal, Kendra Slater where not only well versed in this new medical business model, they were also supportive of our personal brand and mission. They were very knowledgeable and responsive which is critical when you are a “start-up” and many questions come up along the way. We have been very successful in our venture since opening last year and feel they are a critical member of our team. I have and will continue to encourage my colleagues to reach out to Luanne Leeds, especially if they are considering the direct primary care model.

- (5 star review)

exceptional service and communication

We worked with Luanne and Kendra for months on a project of our DPC launch. It is a stressful event, and requires a high level of attention to detail. We had very specific needs, and those needs were met very well. After thoughtful deliberation, guidance and feedback we arrived at a solution that met all the competing challenges of our unique practice.

Follow ups were met with exceptional timing and punctuality. Kendra was extraordinarily helpful and they went the extra mile to meet our dynamic deadlines.

Overall very well done, luckily we only have to do this once, but we had to do it again, we would use Luanne and Kendra without hesitation!

- (5 star review)

Help opening a Direct Primary Care Clinic

Luanne and her staff provided excellent guidance and advise when opening my direct primary care clinic. Their knowledge regarding patient agreements, federal regulations such as HIPAA, OSHA, CLIA, etc. relieved much of my stress knowing the legal issues were covered. Since I don’t live in Kansas, Luanne had to do state specific research and for the most part responded in a timely manner. The fact she charges a flat fee for her first years service is nice as I don’t need to worry about checking my watch each time we talk wondering “how much much is this call costing me?”. Just like my DPC clinic fees, her annual fee was not a deterrent to call when I had a question come up. Although I have not opted out of Medicare, Kendra reached out to me before the quarterly filing deadline reminding me about the timeliness of my decision. Overall I have been pleased with the cost vs the benefit and would recommend her services to fellow physicians looking to open a DPC clinic.

- (5 star review)

Luanne Did What The Feds Couldn’t Do!

The Department of Labor said I didn’t have a case. I took their own file to Luanne and she saw what happened, we made a plan and she got a settlement. If it wasn’t for her I would have got nothing.

This lady will fight hard and get everything she can for you.

- (5 star review)

expert litigator

Great outcome. Better than I expected. Luanne prepared me for every step in an extremely stressful process. Never nickel and dimed me. Fearless and competent!

- (5 star review)

fought hard for me

I was fired, it was the worst time in my life. Luanne made a real difference. She fought for me and got me what I needed, always positive, works hard and delivered results.

- (5 star review)

Good Experience

Knows her stuff. Fought hard for me.

- (5 star review)